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Local Contacts

Useful Information and Contacts

Useful Information and Contacts

The following is a listing of contacts for emergencies and day-to-day living on the island. We do not endorse any of the services listed, but provide them as a reference to island residents.


(Note: Police, Fire and Medical units will not recognize

lot numbers on Johnsonís Island. You must provide

your street address and have it posted so that it can

be easily seen from the road. Use that address

when calling the 911 system.)

Marblehead Fire Dept. (419) 798-4450

Marblehead Police (419) 798-5881


Village Hall (419) 798-4074  www.marbleheadvillageohio.com

Zoning Inspector (419) 798-5104 infieri@cros.net

Danbury Township

Police (419) 732-2549

Township Hall (419) 732-3039 www.danburytownship.com

Ottawa County

Building Standards (419) 734-4431

Auditor (419) 734-6740

Sanitary Engineer (419) 734-6725

Sheriff (419) 734-4404

Coast Guard/Marblehead

Emergency 911

Non-Emergency (419) 798-4444

Ohio EPA

Toxic Chemical and Oil Spills (800) 282-9378

Local Services

Island Water (formerly Rush Water Service) (419) 734-1024 office or (513) 678-2157 cell (James Proffitt)

Home Security Systems and Security Cameras (419) 460-7007 (Brian Weseman)

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